How to Subscribe to the AC20

Step by step guide on how to subscribe to the AC20 (Affiliate Centre).

1. Login to your 2cash eWallet

Go to to enter your email and password. Select the 'LOG IN' button. NOTE: If you are in a different location or using a different device the system may require you to send a code to your email for security purposes.

2. Go to Subscriptions

From the menu, go to 'Subscriptions'.

3. Subscribe to AC20

On the Subscriptions page select the 'Subscribe to AC20'. This transaction assumes you have a minimum $24 USD balance to order this product. If not, first deposit funds to your USD balance.

4. Success popup screen

Completed transactions will display a Success confirmation window and your 30 day subscription will immediately be activated. AC20 subscriptions automatically renew every 30 days so be sure to keep a minimum $20 USD balance. You can cancel your AC20 anytime by sending an email to

5. Confirm AC20 subscription

Go to the Dashboard and review your account information > AC20 subscription to ensure it shows Subscribed status.