How to Update the 2cash Android App

Step by step guide on how to uninstall and reinstall a newer version of the 2cash Android App.


1. New version available message

When a newer version of the 2cash wallet app is available you will see the following message, "There is an update available. Please update your 2cash app which includes new features and bug fixes."


2. Visit 2cash on Google Play

Close the 2cash app on your Android device and then visit the 2cash page on Google Play. The link can be found at


3. Uninstall 2cash app

Select the "Uninstall" button and proceed to uninstall your current version 2cash app.


4. Install 2cash app

After the uninstall process is complete select the "Install" button and proceed to install the new updated version 2cash app.


5. Monitor install process

As the new version is installed you will see the progress meter. When the updated 2cash app is installed you can open (or relaunch) your app to login.


6. Login

Select the "LOGIN" to enter your username and password that will log you into your 2cash wallet account.

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