How to Create an Account

Step by step guide on how to register and create a 2cash wallet account.

Important: the final step to verify your 2cash wallet is to upload an ID and document with your address. If you don't have a digital image take a photo now with your camera that you can use to complete this step.

1. Visit the create account page you received

The person who invited you will provide you either a sign up link or a seven digit code where you can create a new account. If they provide you a code visit > Create Account and proceed to the next step.

2. Enter your email and password

Enter your email and select a password. Tool tips will help guide you to enter the required information. Tick the box and agree to the terms and conditions then create account.

3. Complete Captcha, agree to Terms and create account

Google recaptcha will have you select some images to confirm you are a real person and not a web bot. After this process is complete tick the terms agreement box and select the "Create Account" button.

4. Email confirmation

The 2cash system will send a confirmation to the email that you registered with. Login to that email and and look for the 2cash Notification. If you do not see the email check your junk or spam folder. Also, make sure to add to your email safe sender list. 

5. Select Account Confirmation link

In the body of your email you will see the "Account Confirmation" link. Select that link and it will open your browser window to confirm and activate your account. Important: your confirmation token will expire after 3 hours so be sure to confirm your account right when you receive your email.

6. Account confirmed

When you have successfully confirmed your account, you will see the message with a link to navigate to the login page.

7. Login to your account

At the login page use the email and password that you registered with and select "Log In".

8. Enter your personal information

On the first login to your account, you will see the personal information page. Enter your information to each field as instructed by the tool tips. Important: unless instructed by the tool tips, do no enter special characters or periods in any of the fields for your information to be accepted.

9. Secondary password

The 2cash wallet uses 2FA (2 factor authentacation) with a secondary password that is used when you process a transaction. This password should be different from your primary password that you login into your account with. Your secondary password will be required when you are logged into your account and process a transaction.

10. Account verification

Next you can verify your account by uploading your ID and a utility bill that includes your current address to unlock all the 2cash wallet features.

11. Upload documents

To verify your account simply upload an approved ID Document and Proof of Address. Review the instruction page for details.

12. Attach your file

Select "Choose File" and locate the file on your device that you wish to upload. When it is properly selected you will see it listed. Select "Upload File".

13. Confirmation message

When your file is finished uploading you will see a confirmation message. Once complete your account will be reviewed and approved by admin. Account verification usually happens quickly but allow up to 24 hours to enjoy all the features of your 2cash wallet account.