How to Deposit Funds

Step by step guide on how to deposit funds to your 2cash Wallet.

Important: To process transactions, your account must be verified by uploading an ID and document with your address. If you don't have a digital image take a photo now with your camera that you can use to complete this step.


1. Login to your 2cash wallet

Enter your Username and Password then select 'Log In'.
NOTE : If you created an account before 01 Nov 2019, your email address is your Username.


2. Go to Deposit

From the menu select 'Deposit' and select the type of deposit you wish to make using bank, Visa/MC, PayPal or cryptocurrency.


3. Select deposit method

Based on the deposit method selected, review the transaction notes for the type of deposit you will process and enter the required data in the fields. Select the submit or related button to process your transaction. For bank deposits and transfers complete your bank transaction first and save the receipt as a file to upload in your 2cash wallet.


4. Record your deposit

Once you process your bank transaction in your 2cash wallet complete the bank deposit or wire transfer with the required information, upload your bank transaciton receipt, then confirm and submit your transaction.


5. Email confirmation

The 2cash system will send an email confirmation with details on your transaction. Your 2cash wallet balance will be credited after it is reviewed and processed. Make sure is on your email safe sender list.


6. Other deposit methods

If you would like to deposit funds to your 2cash wallet using another method than what is included on the Deposit page email and we will assist you process your deposit.

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