How to Deposit

Step by step guide on how to deposit cryptocurrency to your 2cash Wallet.


1. Login to your 2cash wallet

Enter your Username and Password then select 'Log In'.
NOTE : If you created an account before 01 Nov 2019, your email address is your Username.


2. Go to Deposit

From the menu select 'Deposit' and select the type of deposit you wish to make using bank, Visa/MC, PayPal or cryptocurrency.


3. Select deposit method

On the deposit page, select 'Cryptocurrency'.


4. Enter the details

On the cryptocurrency page select the type of crypto coin, the amount and enter in the transaction remarks, then select 'Submit'.


5. Confirm your deposit

Review the transaction details on the confirmation page to ensure the type of crypto coin and amount is correct. Then select 'Submit'.


6. Transfer your crypto

You will be forwarded to the CoinPayments screen where you can transfer your crypto using the QR code or crypto address.


7. Confirm your transfer

Review the payment information screen to ensure the total amount to send is current and process your transaction.


8. 2cash will process your deposited crypto

2cash will be notified of your transaction and credit your account when the crypto is received. Please be patient for your amount to be credited.

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