How to Process an Exchange

Step by step guide on how to exchange from one fiat currency to another fiat currency.

Important: To process transactions, your account must be verified by uploading an ID and document with your address. If you don't have a digital image take a photo now with your camera that you can use to complete this step.


1. Login to your 2cash wallet

Enter your Username and Password then select 'Log In'.
NOTE : If you created an account before 01 Nov 2019, your email address is your Username.


2. Go to Currency Exchange

From the menu select 'Currency Exchange' and review the currency exchange notes.


3. Process an exchange

On the currency exchange page select the Currency (from) and Currency (to). Your available balance for each currency will be displayed. Enter the amount of the (from) currency you wish to exchange and include a message to document the transaction then select 'Submit'.


4. Review your transaction

Review the transaction data and if everything appears in order enter your secondary password and select 'Submit'.


5. Confirmation

The transaction confirmation page will display with your transaction details and your account balances will be reflected accordingly.

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