Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

2cash is digital value available in your electronic wallet that runs on your mobile device.

You can make online purchases with 2cash, share it with others who also have a 2cash wallet, or withdraw 2cash and deposit it in your bank account, load it onto a debit card that you order from 2cash, or your walk into a remittance office in selected parts of the world.

  • Free to sign up
  • Low transaction fees or unlimited transactions for only USD$20 per month
  • Share 2cash with anyone world wide using your promo code
  • Acquire 2cash utility tokens that contain value in the 2cash eco system simply by inviting others who create a 2cash wallet account, or by ordering 2packs. For details on 2pack products visit 2packs.2cash.io
  • Earn 20% rebates on everyone your refer who order products, plus unlimited overrides on the referrals of your referrals

Yes! 2cash is secured with SSL and data encryption. It also uses 2FA with primary and secondary password credentials so even if an unauthorized person is able to log in they can not complete transactions without both passwords

All 2cash wallet accounts are free to create and users can store 2cash tokens and 2cash digitial currency. Transaction fees:

  • Deposit funds are free for bank deposit, and other methods may encure a processor fee between 2% and 4%
  • Transfer funds = 2%
  • Currency exchange = 2%
  • 2cash wallet withdrawals = 4%

Or, subscribe to the AC20 for only $20 USD per month and enjoy unlimited transactions without any fees. Plus earn 20% rebates on your direct referrals and overrides on the referrals of your referrals anywhere worldwide!

How 2cash works in five (5) easy steps.

#1) Create a free 2cash wallet account with a username and password. When you do this you have full access to your account except you can not process transactions. If you have an Android device you can download the app from the Google Playstore. If you have an iPhone or any other device you can use your browser at: www.2cash.io

#2) Verify your account by confirming your email and uploading a valid ID plus proof of address. When you upload your documents make sure all four corners show with good light so they are clear and be easily reviewed. You will receive an email notification from 2cash when your account verification is approved. Make sure you include noreply@2cash.io on your email safe sender's list. Allow up to three days for your verification to be approved.

#3) When your account is verified you will have access to your account ID. This is also your promo code to share when you invite others. BE A RESPONSIBLE SPONSOR and show everyone you invite how 2cash works before you give them your promo code and help them to create a 2cash wallet account.

#4) As a promotion when your account is verified 2cash will deposit $20 USD to your account which gets applied to your first month AC20 subscription. This provides you unlimited transactions with no fees and qualifies you to earn referral income. When you invite others who verify their 2cash wallet account you will receive $4 USD in your referral balance 15 days after your referral verifies their account (as long as your AC20 subscription is active).

#5) To extend your AC20 and keep it active which allows you to continue to earn $4 USD referrals on everyone you invite every month join the 2crowdsave programme: 2crowdsave.2cash.io

2cash Wallet FAQ

You can create an account at www.2cash.io > Create Account or directly through the page of the person who invited you. To verify your account a valid ID and billing document is required. Follow the instructions on the upload pages to complete this requirement. Document upload example page: help.2cash.io/docexample

There are two types of 2cash wallet accounts; personal and business. Only one personal account is allowed per individual. The exception to this is for 2pack5000 members. One personal account can be created that is linked to one 2pack5000.

The same owner of a personal account can also create a business account if the required documents are uploaded for verification.

It is against 2cash policy to create multiple personal accounts. This will delay processing and possible cause account suspension.

2cash apps are available for on Android and iOS and can be downloaded at www.2cash.io/download

Chat with us online or visit the Help Centre at help.2cash.io

Business accounts can place a 2cash payment button on their website, mobile app or shopping cart with a simple code snippet to accept 2cash from anyone. Or place a counter display with a QR code and accept 2cash when someone scans the code with their 2cash mobile app. The Crypto-Commerce feature is available with instant qualification and no fees to the business.

After you confirm your email and upload your ID and billing documents our disclaimer says approval may take up to three business days but usually happens the same day or next day.

To login go to www.2cash.io > Login then enter the Username and password that you used to create your account. If you created an account before 01 Nov 2019 your email is your Username.

Your account includes 2FA (two factor authentication) with a primary and secondary password. The primary is used to login to your account and secondary is used to complete transactions.

STEP #1:
Create a 2cash wallet account using the promo code of the person who invited you. Verify your account with your email and ID upload.

STEP #2:
When your account is verified you will receive an email with instructions how to use the 2cash wallet features and receive the first month AC20 (a $20 USD value). NOTE - the AC20 is not required to order 2cash tokens.

STEP #3:
Visit this page and select the Order Now button then follow the prompts to select your 2pack, agree to the SAFT and then complete the check out pages to process your order.

STEP #4:
Your order will be processed and you will receve an email notification along with your 2cash tokens deposited to your 2cash wallet account.

Rewards FAQ

2cash tokens are the preferred value for transaction in the 2cash ecosystem. Based on the Ethereum ERC-20 standard 2cash tokens will become the 2cash cryptocurrency blockchain at the time of the 2cash ICO (Initial Coin Offering). For more details visit ico.2cash.io

Currently 2cash tokens are not convertible but at the time of the 2cash ICO they will become available for transactions in the 2cash ecosystem and for sale on crypto exchanges.

You will receive one 2cash utility token Airdrop on everyone you invite when they verify their account. Plus one 2cash utility token Airdrop for every AC20 subscription.

Our referral income programme includes 20% direct bonus on AC20 subscriptions and other products with everyone you invite, in addition to 20% overrides on everyone they invite.

We calculate rewards on a weekly basis, with the rewards week running from 12:00:00 AM Sunday to 11:59:59 PM the following Saturday.

All qualified rewards during a given week will be credited to your referral income balance on the first part of the following week. To exchange referral income (2RI) to other values in your 2cash wallet you must meet minimum balance requirements. Note - referral income is not paid on the first month AC20 that is included with new accounts.

Make sure your AC20 subscription is activated and kept current.

If you are not subscribed to the AC20, you will not earn rewards and you will be charged fees on your 2cash wallet transactions.

Your 7 digit account ID is your promo code. When you have verified your 2cash wallet your account number can be found in the upper right area of your dashboard.