How to Trade Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Step by step guide on how to acquire and trade cryptocurrency

Get the best buys on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency thorugh your 2cash wallet account exchange feature.


1. Login to your 2cash wallet

Enter your Username and Password then select 'Log In'.
NOTE : If you created an account before 01 Nov 2019, your email address is your Username.


2. Go to Subscriptions

From the menu, go to 'Subscriptions'.


3. Subscribe to the AC20 (Recommended)

If you are not an AC20 subscriber yet, from the Menu go to 'Subscriptions' and select 'Order AC20'. This will provide you unlimited transactions, with no fees and qualify you to earn bounty referral income when you invite others using your promo code
NOTE : your promo code is your account number.


4. Make deposit

Make a deposit with credit / debit card or PayPal up to USD$1,000 or by bank transfer if over USD$1,000. Take a photo of the transaction and proceed to the next step.


5. Process the deposit in your 2cash wallet

If you deposit with credit / debit card or PayPal your balance will be credited soon as the transaciton is complete. If you deposit with bank transfer, from the Menu, go to 'Deposit'. In the Bank Deposit page select the deposit you made and then upload the file of your transaction receipt and confirm details then submit.


6. Wait for confirmation

When the funds are received in the 2cash beneficiary bank account your 2cash wallet balance will be credited. 


7. Exchange fiat currency to cryptocurrency

From the Menu go to Currency Exchange and select the fiat currency to exchange with cryptocurrency. Enter the amount and message then 'Submit'. Enter your secondary password and Confirm. Your cryptocurrency balance will be credited.