How to Transfer Funds

Step by step guide on how to instantly transfer funds from your 2cash wallet to other 2cash wallets.



You can transfer funds from your 2cash wallet to any other 2cash wallet worldwide by entering the account number of the receiving party as the beneficiary. The user you are transferring funds to will provide you this information. If they don't have a 2cash wallet give them your promo code and have them create an account.


1. Login to your 2cash wallet

Go to > to enter your username and password. Select the 'LOG IN' button.
NOTE : If you are in a different location or using a different device the system may require you to send a code to your email for security purposes..


2. Go to Transfer

From the menu, go to 'Transfer'.


3. Complete required information

This guide assumes you have an adequate balance of the cryptocurrency you wish to transfer. If not, then first go to the 'Trade' page and process a transaction before doing funds transfer. Select the cryptocurrency and enter beneficiary account number, amount and message then select 'Confirm'.


4. Review transaction

Review the transaction data and if everything appears in order enter your secondary password and select 'Submit'.


5. Confirmation

The transaction confirmation page will display with your transaction details and your account balances will be reflected accordingly.